Welcome to Cayman

I’m pretty good at finding myself in places I never thought I would be. Not because I have extremely ambitious, unachievable dreams but because I just kind of, go places. Two weeks ago I came to Grand Cayman and now here I am. It happened quite fast and was a bit of a shock to […]

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Escaping the Pocket

It took me over a month to get out of the God’s Pocket. The resort is a small cluster of colourful buildings nestled in a narrow bay on Hurst Island, about a half hour boat ride out of Port Hardy BC. The owners, Bill and Annie, have spent the last two decades running dive trips […]

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The Birds

Nobody really likes seagulls. They’re no ones favourite bird, they’ve inspired no great works of art and they’re un-fondly known as a squawking nuisance. Unlike the noble and respected eagle, a seagull does not rely on deadly intimidation to secure its meals. Nor does it command respect with a fearsome call like falcon or hawk. […]

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“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I never get tired of mushroom hunting. The wonderland of fruiting fungus that comes to life after a healthy rainfall brings forth images of the intricate network of mycelium woven through the roots of the coastal rainforest. Breaking down and rebuilding, providing the foundation for new growth.  

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The dock was empty minus one small fishing vessel and her skipper diligently cleaning the morning’s catch. Manipulating his knife skillfully through the flesh of a monstrous lingcod he seemed hardly phased by the sudden arrival of a group of gawking onlookers. Today we were benefiting from a standing friendship between our captain and the local […]

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There are places that take on a mythical status of existence thanks to story telling. Until yesterday I’d only ever heard stories about the dive at Nakwakto Rapids and it became somewhat of a legend in my mind, a place I might never see for myself. With ropes off at 7:23am we headed out into […]

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Today I Sat

Returning home after being away for a while is such an odd experience. Everything is different but it’s all pretty much completely the same. Without having any immediate commitments to attend to I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. Well not nothing–seeing friends, hiking, cooking, laundry. It’s actually been kind of exhausting. Because I’m not […]

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