Back to Sandwitch

Seawich made it safe and sound all the way back to the familiarity of her west coast sandwitch. The mossy temperate rainforest nestled comfortably between the snow capped mountains and sprawling pacific ocean. What more could you want in a sandwich?? Duck maybe. I had a really great duck sandwich in Tofino about 10 years ago and I still think about it sometimes. The Vancouver Island geographical sandwich that I call home is a close second.

The trip home from Nowhereville, Belize was long and ridiculous. No one likes traveling, no one. When someone says they love to travel what they really mean is, “I love being somewhere else.” The traveling part is bullshit. I’m a fairly tolerant person but when half of my tiny seat is taken up by the person next to me on a plane, I might throw a few dirty looks and say nothing.

When my flight from Houston to Denver was delayed I had 5 hours to spend in Texas so I thought I would make the most of it by sampling some authentic local cuisine. I ate a family sized portion of ribs, brisket and baked beans. Let’s just say I was the one receiving dirty looks from my seat mates on the flight to Vancouver. Somehow, even though Vancouver was my final destination, the airline paid for a hotel room for me. My only explanation for this is, be nice to people doing their jobs and they will be nice back at you.

If I didn’t come from somewhere so beautiful I’m sure I wouldn’t have been in such a sudden rush to come back here. It’s strange returning to your home town after being away to find everyone else just doing the same mundane lifey things they were doing when you left. I know how easy it is to get stuck here.


British Columbia’s West coast is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and I’m not just saying that because my dog is here. I love being in other places far far away, but how am I supposed to pass up another summer in paradise? I haven’t even reached the best place yet. Browning Pass, have I got plans for you…


2 thoughts on “Back to Sandwitch

  1. I remember your mom coming back from that trip to Tofino with you girls. Her stomach and face were so sore from all the non-stop LAUGHING you guys did but really all she wanted to talk about was this stupid duck sandwich she ate. It got pretty boring listening to it after a while. Duck sandwich blah blah blah duck sandwich blah blah……… 😂😂😂


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