Today I Sat

Returning home after being away for a while is such an odd experience. Everything is different but it’s all pretty much completely the same. Without having any immediate commitments to attend to I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. Well not nothing–seeing friends, hiking, cooking, laundry. It’s actually been kind of exhausting. Because I’m not working I feel like I need to fill every minute of the day with something else and it’s actually kind of stupid.

I know it’s stupid because today I just sat. Not all day, I did go out into public where there was a big dumb parade and I sure didn’t enjoy that. Too many people doing too many dumb things. But I was lured out by the food trucks. Where there are food trucks, there is me. After that though, I sat down.

This is a glorious place to sit. The chair is cushy, blankets are warm, the view is green and the birds chirping aren’t even obnoxious. I read for a bit. I occasionally answer a text. There’s a cat that periodically finds comfort on my lap. Slowly other sitters filled the chairs next to mine and we all just sat together.

We just sat together. No IMG_5140one had any strong emotions to express other than how nice it was to just sit. The conversation never became passionate or intense, there was no alcohol fuelling uncomfortable outbursts. We did broach a few potentially explosive topics but the completely relaxed atmosphere of our sitting space allowed to just say things without any driving intention to reach solutions or change any opinions.

We all agreed on a few things:

  1. Adventures. There are so many fun things to do outside and places to see and animals to watch and we just want to go adventuring!
  2. Sitting is a wonderful thing. Take some time to appreciate sitting.
  3. Fur babies are the epitome of happiness and the planets revolve around them they are the centre of the entire universe. (I don’t know if we agreed on that but I feel like it’s an important thing to add.)

Ever since I got home I’ve been trying to find something worth writing about. I’ve hiked to pot holes and waterfalls that inspire images of mystical creatures. I’ve been overwhelmed by my own adoration of the Pacific ocean and the moss in the rainforest but nothing has been particularly inspiring. Let me tell you about sitting though! It’s not that exciting to write about, it’s hard to convey how pleasant it is so you’ll just have to trust me and give it a go yourself.

Just sitting has been the most rewarding experience here so far. It’s precious because it’s not an activityIMG_5141 I could do every day and still appreciate it. If you sit all day every day you have nothing to reflect on or look forward to and it’s just boring. But take a while to just sit, trust me! Find somewhere beautiful and comfortable and just chill. Feels good.

This lovely moth sat with us all afternoon, relaxing, having a sit. It understands. If you too are interested in sitting, drop me a line, I know a few good spots!



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