The dock was empty minus one small fishing vessel and her skipper diligently cleaning the morning’s catch. Manipulating his knife skillfully through the flesh of a monstrous lingcod he seemed hardly phased by the sudden arrival of a group of gawking onlookers. Today we were benefiting from a standing friendship between our captain and the local […]

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Reasons I maybe shouldn’t be on a big dumb yacht: 1. When everything goes chaos in the night I just sleep through it cause the beds are too comfortable and honestly I didn’t feel us blow around at all. 2. I don’t enjoy polishing away my footprints from behind me while I walk around. 3. […]

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“You’re so lucky!”

No I’m not, and it’s actually kind of insulting that you think that. I mean, hit a considerable jackpot at birth when I was born a healthy, white, middle class, North American baby. That was lucky. Me traveling and doing cool things, that’s not luck that’s me working hard to do what makes me happy. […]

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