Welcome to Cayman

I’m pretty good at finding myself in places I never thought I would be. Not because I have extremely ambitious, unachievable dreams but because I just kind of, go places. Two weeks ago I came to Grand Cayman and now here I am. It happened quite fast and was a bit of a shock to […]

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Escaping the Pocket

It took me over a month to get out of the God’s Pocket. The resort is a small cluster of colourful buildings nestled in a narrow bay on Hurst Island, about a half hour boat ride out of Port Hardy BC. The owners, Bill and Annie, have spent the last two decades running dive trips […]

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There are places that take on a mythical status of existence thanks to story telling. Until yesterday I’d only ever heard stories about the dive at Nakwakto Rapids and it became somewhat of a legend in my mind, a place I might never see for myself. With ropes off at 7:23am we headed out into […]

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The Great Dilemma

“Find something you love doing and money will follow.” A beautiful notion that middle aged homeowners and comfortable pensioners like to pass on to confused, broke, 20 somethings trying to figure out what to do with this life thing. They say it as if it’s the wisest words you’ll ever hear. Unfortunately, a lot of […]

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Someone Lives Here

An entire universe can exist beneath you. You drift over it, passing an entire community without seeing the intricacies of the interwoven lives unfolding below you as you swim by. Two globular eyeballs protrude from the seabed watching you closely. As you approach, the smooth surface behind the eyes flutters to life and a flat, speckled […]

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