Welcome to Cayman

I’m pretty good at finding myself in places I never thought I would be. Not because I have extremely ambitious, unachievable dreams but because I just kind of, go places. Two weeks ago I came to Grand Cayman and now here I am. It happened quite fast and was a bit of a shock to […]

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There are places that take on a mythical status of existence thanks to story telling. Until yesterday I’d only ever heard stories about the dive at Nakwakto Rapids and it became somewhat of a legend in my mind, a place I might never see for myself. With ropes off at 7:23am we headed out into […]

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Someone Lives Here

An entire universe can exist beneath you. You drift over it, passing an entire community without seeing the intricacies of the interwoven lives unfolding below you as you swim by. Two globular eyeballs protrude from the seabed watching you closely. As you approach, the smooth surface behind the eyes flutters to life and a flat, speckled […]

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Picture this…

Rays of glittering sunlight stream down through the turquoise water was you ascend towards the shimmering surface. Pulsating pink and and purple moon jellies the size of your head slowly drift past. Transparent sea butterflies and cherubs flutter their wings following the alien siphonophores and comb jellies with their rippling bioluminescence. You hang, suspended and weightless in the shimmering light among the strange glowing organisms. The sense of awe is overwhelming and the urge to let yourself drift with the memorizing array of gelatinous creatures pulls you towards the abyss. Your 60 minutes is up, it’s time to return reluctantly to the crisp surface air, leaving behind the majestic dance of life below.


A shadow passes over the coral enshrouding the reef in a clouded darkness. looking up towards the ocean’s surface, searching for the light, you find a huge winding serpent of debris blocking your view of the sun. A wave of shock passes through you as you ascend towards the darkness. The clear blue water ripples with waves of warmth as you enter the dusty brown layer of incoming current and debris. You hang, stunned, in a field of drifting plastic. Products you recognize, things you’ve bought and used pass by you in a swirling mass of waste. Schools of small fish move fluidly among the trash while invisible jellyfish sting your exposed skin. Overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and disgust, you simply watch. After 30 minutes you can no longer handle the suffocating experience of being submerged in your species’ own filth. You head to the surface in a desperate attempt to escape this harsh reality.

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