Escaping the Pocket

It took me over a month to get out of the God’s Pocket. The resort is a small cluster of colourful buildings nestled in a narrow bay on Hurst Island, about a half hour boat ride out of Port Hardy BC. The owners, Bill and Annie, have spent the last two decades running dive trips […]

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The Birds

Nobody really likes seagulls. They’re no ones favourite bird, they’ve inspired no great works of art and they’re un-fondly known as a squawking nuisance. Unlike the noble and respected eagle, a seagull does not rely on deadly intimidation to secure its meals. Nor does it command respect with a fearsome call like falcon or hawk. […]

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Back to Sandwitch

Seawich made it safe and sound all the way back to the familiarity of her west coast sandwitch. The mossy temperate rainforest nestled comfortably between the snow capped mountains and sprawling pacific ocean. What more could you want in a sandwich?? Duck maybe. I had a really great duck sandwich in Tofino about 10 years […]

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