Today I Sat

Returning home after being away for a while is such an odd experience. Everything is different but it’s all pretty much completely the same. Without having any immediate commitments to attend to I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. Well not nothing–seeing friends, hiking, cooking, laundry. It’s actually been kind of exhausting. Because I’m not […]

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Back to Sandwitch

Seawich made it safe and sound all the way back to the familiarity of her west coast sandwitch. The mossy temperate rainforest nestled comfortably between the snow capped mountains and sprawling pacific ocean. What more could you want in a sandwich?? Duck maybe. I had a really great duck sandwich in Tofino about 10 years […]

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Reasons I maybe shouldn’t be on a big dumb yacht: 1. When everything goes chaos in the night I just sleep through it cause the beds are too comfortable and honestly I didn’t feel us blow around at all. 2. I don’t enjoy polishing away my footprints from behind me while I walk around. 3. […]

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I know I said I can’t cook, even mocked myself saying I only ever eat eggs if I’m by myself– but that doesn’t mean I can’t cook! Actually, it’s not even rocket science. If I can whip up some chicken fajitas with mango salsa and citrus aioli (fancy term for mayo, lime dressing) from scratch […]

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Don’t Piss Off the Cook

I’ve always been under the impression that I am a terrible cook. I think I might have been mistaken, what I’m terrible at is actually just shopping, planning, locating and paying for ingredients. Stocking up a kitchen with all the extra things that make food enjoyable—that’s the part I suck at. When a kitchen is […]

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Life with Bob

How would you like to drop everything, be flown to a tropical country and board a luxury yacht to be told, “Welcome to your new home!” when you arrive? The fridges are stocked with imported cheeses, exotic meats like lamb and duck, endless beer and whatever else you request. The boat’s itinerary is roughly planned […]

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A Dramatic Lifestyle Change

Seawich is a long way from her sandwitch. After falling in love with a dirty little island off the coast of Honduras, making friends with all the strange creatures who inhabit the damaged reef, she finds herself on a very strange boat. Cruising across pearly shallow seas from atoll to atoll in complete luxury. Smoked […]

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